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Summer Season

on May 10, 2012

SO, i’m not sure if you’ll all continue to read my blog. But i’m gonna continue to write even though its not for a grade anymore. I guess this class actually influenced my relationship with food more than i thought it did.

So far this summer (which has been less than a week) i’ve steamed my own vegetables twice and made a new vegetable. The class taught me about eating local, fresh and in season. In that spirit, I bought two pounds of fresh green beans, which are freshest and cheapest in April and May. I steamed a pound at a time, each of which gave me 3 servings. They turned out DELICIOUS!

Then tonight, i made myself some asparagus! I put some vegetable oil in a pan and cooked a bunch of fresh asparagus. I also made some Hollandaise sauce to top it. It was a bit too lemony for my taste, but the asparagus was pretty good!

I’ve eaten significantly less meat than i did at school, although i can’t bring myself to cut it out completely. But tonight, my dinner was veggetarian. 🙂 Impressed?? Here’s my veggetarian dinner: Freshly steamed green beans (without the tops and tails), asparagus, 2 pieces of butter bread, and velveeta “cheese”.




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