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Fast Food is at it again…read on, it’s actually not a bad thing!

on April 27, 2012

Oh, fast food. You’re so funny. It looks like an industry where one entree (if you can even call it an entree) and quality is not exactly at the top of the priority list trying to make some big changes. This past week, Burger King has made a pledge to “cage free pork and eggs.” They also claim to be the first to do so.  But it looks like McDonalds already beat them to the punch. McDonalds already made that announcement two months ago in February. Oh wait. McDonalds never attached a date to their “pledge.” At least Burger King gave themselves a time frame, even if it is 5 years.

This is interesting to me because I think it speaks lengths to how in tune fast food chains are with public food movement and trends. I can remember back when people started to equate fast food with obesity. When documentaries came out like “Fast-Food Nation” and people started to see the ugliness of convenient food, the standard fast food chains like Burger King and McDonalds started introducing salads and offering bags of apple slices instead of fries in kids’ meals. Subway featured “Jared” who ate nothing but Subway for months until he lost something like 100ish pounds. These chains know what’s up. They know how to market their products, I’ll certainly credit them for that! And they know how to respond to consumer demand.

They seem to be doing that again. Enter: hippie-foodie-save the animals-movements. Clearly there is some portion of the population that is drawing attention to animal rights (which I think, and many agree with me, that having happy/healthy animals leads to much more delicious meat!) Even if fast food’s efforts are not completely sincere *cough cough Micky D’s cough cough no implementation date set cough cough*I think it’s really interesting and GOOD that they’re making an effort to acknowledge this emerging movement.


One response to “Fast Food is at it again…read on, it’s actually not a bad thing!

  1. Sheri Snyder says:

    What I’d really like to know is how they makes Wendy’s Frosties with no dairy products. Mmmmm.

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