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Sociology is EVERYWHERE! (Also, my schooling is relevant.)

on April 21, 2012

(I just want to say real quickly that I uploaded these at 11:58 on April 20, not April 21…darn wordpress.)


Sociology classes join forces real life, yet again!

So this semester I’m taking a class called Crime, Punishment and Penality (shout-out for that class by the way…its very good). Somehow the subject matter for that class has managed to weasel its way into many of my other classes. This time I read a blog article about how the group called Milk Not Jails is working to create an urban-rural alliance. They want to do this because of the tragic effects that the war on drugs has had on certain demographics and locations. (I guess if you bring the race component into it, I can bring in my Race, Ethnicity and Minorities class into this article too!) I know from my Food class that farming isn’t exactly the most economically beneficial occupation. Farmers certainly aren’t in it for the money. I also know from my Crime class that since the declaration of Reagan’s “war on drugs” there has been an insane jump in non-violent arrests/ incarcerations that lead to a life of recidivism, heavier crimes, and devastation for entire communities, usually minority communities. This group is trying to solve all of those problems with one solution: buy milk.

This group has started in New York, so I’m really not sure the relevance of their cause in other states. But it’s an interesting premise, nevertheless. In New York, apparently the rural economy is very much linked to the prison system. The Milk Not Jails is trying to replace the economic dependence on prisons with the economic dependence on rural dairy farms and agriculture.

I’ve read their blog, and while I think it’s a really interesting idea, I’m not sure I really understand the logistics of how this can feasibly happen. It’s certainly an idea to pursue further though!



One response to “Sociology is EVERYWHERE! (Also, my schooling is relevant.)

  1. Sheri Snyder says:

    You’ve enlightened me once again. Never heard of this at all.

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