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Final thoughts

on April 21, 2012

This last week brings us (pretty much) to the close of the semester. In this final hurrah to the study of food we got to what is, in my opinion, at the heart of the food conversation. Who has and who does not? Who is hungry and why? I thought the nuances of the arguments in the book we were reading were particularly interesting. But it made me think of things we were talking about in one of my other sociology classes. (Just fyi, we were reading Robert Paarlberg’s book Starved for Science.) In it, he was arguing that African countries are starving because they are just following along with rich western countries, who can afford to be picky with their food choices. I think there are so many things wrong with his statements. For one thing, he is denying the autonomy of leaders in African countries by making them seem like they lack the knowledge to choose what is best for their citizens. I also think he generalizes way too much by lumping “Africa” all together. Each country has its own leaders that make decisions for their own nation.


On another note, I want to wrap up my general feelings about the class in this entry since I’m not sure if we’ll be writing any more blog entries:

I really liked this class because it made me think about food in a completely new way than I ever have before. I learned so many things about where our food comes from and what my food goes through before it gets to me. I’m not sure that my eating habits have changed since taking this class (I still love meat and I’m not a big fan of vegetables), but my mind is definitely open to new ideas about food. And who knows, maybe I’ll even be a salad eater when I get back on campus next year…


One response to “Final thoughts

  1. Sheri Snyder says:

    Me too – and we have all summer to try new recipes!

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