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Money doesn’t grow on trees…but fruit does

on April 13, 2012

Guerrilla Grafters is a San Francisco based group that is challenging city officials and “civilizationone branch at a time.” Cities nationwide have planted non-fruit bearing trees (called ornamental trees) in order to have greenery without the mess of fruit. The Guerrilla Grafters have decided that it is completely wasteful to have all of these cherry and pear trees—which originally grew cherries and pears—without getting the benefit of fruit. I happen to agree with them and I think their ideas and methods are quite innovative.

Although their methods aren’t exactly legal, I think these graft happy people have the right reasoning. In San Francisco, there is no law officially on the books prohibiting fruit trees; the city just doesn’t give permission to people to plant them. Guerrilla Grafter’s methods? Don’t ask, just do! When a person has adopted an ornamental tree, a Grafter goes to that tree and splices a fruit bearing branch (from a different, fruit bearing tree) onto a branch from the adopted ornamental tree.

Basically, this group is acting on the ol’ “no taxation without representation” bit, only modernized. Tara Hui, the leader of the Grafters, advocates for citizen responsibility for public spaces. But she stresses that this citizens should only be expected to care for public parks, streets, etc. if they are part of the decision making process. Basically, the city isn’t listening to the desires of the public so the Guerrilla Grafters are taking on the responsibility of improving their environment without the help of the government.

The Grafters advocate for splicing the branches because they feel like it will solve some hunger issues that the city is having. The fruit being produced is perfectly good, and since it is on public property no one owns it, meaning anyone can take/eat it. It will provide fresh, nutritious fruit which is sometimes hard to come by. Grafting fruit trees also makes a much better use of already existing trees. It saves time and effort because the trees are already mature so the fruit will reproduce faster than if people had to start from scratch with a brand new tree.

Essentially, the Guerrilla Grafters are operating with the notion that just because someone is in charge doesn’t mean they’re right. The Grafters are working hard to create a more beautiful, healthy and cohesive community.


One response to “Money doesn’t grow on trees…but fruit does

  1. Sheri Snyder says:

    I will think of this when I see Lancaster city’s pretty Bradford Pear trees.

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