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on April 13, 2012

Maybe I’m just hypersensitive to food things as a result of this class or maybe this class is having an actual impact on the campus. (I’m not sure which one it is, but I think it might be a combination of both.) It seems like more and more people are engaging in food related talk recently and I’m kind of excited about it! Actually, it might be a combination of things. Here are my hypotheses:

1-      After almost 3 years of being on this campus, I am well aware that the food at SU is not by any stretch of the imagination…satisfying. Some days it’s downright bad. The vast majority of my friends are juniors and seniors, which means that many of them have also gotten over the freshman excitement of making their own food decisions and landed on the same conclusion. This conclusion has sparked some hardy discussions about how SU should/could make the food better, what we’d like to see change, and what we would change if we were Pres. Lems. Long story short, maybe my social circle is the only ones who are talking about food changes.

2-      A potential reality: the food is actually getting worse.

3-      Another potential reality (maybe more plausible): it is spring. This means that fresh food could be rolling in fresh every day, BUT it isn’t. Since we’re here and not at home (which is the place that fresh food does actually roll in every day) we are extra irritable about not having good food.

4-      A for real reality: It is the end of the semester. Everyone is stressed. We need (fresh/healthy) comfort food. There isn’t any.

5-      People are speaking up: There was a survey about food on campus not too long ago, which is the first university administered survey of that nature that I can remember. Maybe people are coming to the administration and voicing concerns about campus food. (Perhaps as a result of this class?)

6-      There was an article about campus food in the Crusader. Coincidence? Maybe. But maybe there’s beginning to be a food revolution in Selinsgrove…

7-      I think those are my only hypotheses, I just wanted to add one last bullet point. 🙂


One response to “Impact.

  1. Sheri Snyder says:

    Maybe Pres Lem should require his own kids to eat on campus for a whole week, no home cooked meals or comfort food from home, and see what suggestions they make. That might get you some changes.

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