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Vent Sesh, Deen vs. Bourdain

on March 31, 2012

I like food. Ok, so I love food. But sometimes I get tired of talking about food and hearing about food and hearing about other people complain about food and food people. We’ve been talking about the battle between Anthony Bourdain (aka The Culinary Elitist Snob) and Paula Deen (aka The Queen of Down Home Southern Cookin’). Yes, I realize that famous chefs/ cooks like that influence our scripts for what we consider to be acceptable food, but really, how much influence do they actually have? Just because I watch Paula Deen’s show doesn’t mean that I’m going to sit there with a stick of butter and eat it like a lollipop. And just because I watch an episode of Bourdain’s show doesn’t mean I’m going to completely cut out every type of unhealthy food from my diet. I think it’s kind of crazy how upset people are getting about both of them. I understand that Paula Deen has developed diabetes (mostly, presumably because of her ultra-fatty diet). But really? Leave the woman alone. She’s the one that has to live with it. It’s not like she gave it to you. And so what if Anthony Bourdain won’t let his kids eat crazy amounts of sugary junk food? So what if he makes his kids eat their vegetables? It’s called responsible parenting. And chances are (unless Anthony Bourdain’s children are reading this) that he’s not your parent, so quit complaining about it and go eat your candy bar. I just think it’s ridiculous that there are groups of people that are actually upset about either of these television personalities. Because that’s what they are…TV personalities. I don’t think we should put any more weight on how they sell their show than we do on any other actor. They’re selling a product and a life style, just like everyone else on TV. Just because they’re selling doesn’t mean you have to buy it.


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